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Archive for the ‘ass fetish’ Category

Sarah FEMDOM DOMINATION Mistress Wears ZenTai

This time I decided to let my slave know who’s his mistress. No more “Mr Nice Guy” – he had to suffer a little …… facesitting humancouch trampling… I wear my skin-tight ZENTAI bodysuit!! Look for yourself :) )

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Sarah Mannequin torture, Gets Fucked With Strap-On

Mannequins punishment for being too beautiful goes on. I used my strap-on this time and tried every orifice of her I can reach. I teared her to the floor, buttcrushed her, rode her like a horse… see for yourself!

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Sarah Lifesize Mannequin Gets, Lashed, Buttcrushed

I found my lifesize, female Mannequin sleeping again in MY bed. I always envied her, she’s so tall, slim, got BIG breasts.. So I was angry and got into a rage. I choked her, lashed her, sat on her, crushed her big breasts with my fat butt.. watch for yourself!!! DOLL FETISH DOMINATION BUTTCRUSH

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Sarah Big Butt – Smothering My Little Nude Doll

This time I decided to wear some pantyhose, the little doll I used had to wear nothing :) During the session I thought the poor little thing has to suffer enough through my big fat butt she doesn’t need to be nude so I wrapped her into some bubble wrap in order to warm her. It even make some funny noises when I crushed her from now on…

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